Challenge: How Have You Shown #CourageToday?

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As we ramp up to the #BlogHer15 conference in July, we've been talking about the big ideas we care about, which you'll see in the agenda, events, and conference keynotes. Lately, we've been talking about the defining moments that changed our lives. And particularly, we've been taken with Glennon of Momastery's idea of #CourageToday.

I love this idea. It's overwhelming to think of myself as a strong person who faces everything bravely and head-on—because I know I'm not that woman. I've chickened out. I've passed up options. I've let things slide and shrugged things off.

And that's fine. Those experiences, as well as the challenges I've taken, have made me who I am. I like who I am.

But to have the courage to get through justthisonething, and not All The Things? That frame makes it so much easier to move through something scary. It motivates me to seek out achievable ways to challenge myself and take risks. Call it temporary courage, little courage, everyday courage, #CourageToday—I fully endorse this concept.

So for the next week, we're on Instagram asking you to share what you had #CourageToday to do, whether it's standing up for yourself or branching out onto a new journey or speaking in public or asking for something you want or just doing something you haven't done before.

#CourageToday challenge

How about …

  • Going out to dinner by yourself
  • Submitting your work to win an award
  • Calling someone out on a microaggression
  • Raising your hand higher
  • Facing facts
  • Asking someone out
  • Standing up for someone's rights, be it yours, your child's, a stranger's
  • Putting yourself out there
  • Doing something with your appearance outside your comfort zone
  • Apologizing
  • Getting your brilliance on video (seriously, it's not that intimidating)
  • Not letting something slide
  • Making plans to travel somewhere new and challenging
  • Coming clean
  • Cooking with an ingredient or technique you've never used before
  • Having patience with the world and its flaws
  • Risking what you know for what you could gain
  • (Insert YOUR #CourageToday here)

Join us on Instagram, where we'll be sharing some of our favorites. And if you need more inspiration, check out these quotes to ignite your inner courage.