Challenge: Try Something New Today- Everyday!

My first attempt at @blogher so it may be a bit benign.

So, who has a stressful life? Nobody? Really? I know we all do in one way shape or form. So why not breathe in and breathe out and enjoy some levity every day? I have a number of alter-egos that have been given to me over my last 29+ optimistic years, "Polly Anna", "Snow White", bubbly, cream in the middle of an oreo cookie...seriously. I guess because my personality is a make lemonade... type. II have recently moved to a resort community and when the weather warms up, there will be many more new things to experience.  Life is hard, but God is good and there is so much to discover everyday. 

I have a challenge- try one new thing today- everyday. 

For me today- A Lemon Risotto Cake from @TheFreshMarket deli was what I tried. It was delicious. The texture was perfect and it was filling. Who knew? Yesterday, I tried cleaning my oven for the first time in almost two years with the self-cleaning feature and I almost burned down the house. #epicfail. Oh yeah, I am writing my first #blog!  Simple, huh? So let me hear about your new excercise regimen, food find or outdoor/indoor adventure. I'll bet we have lots to learn from each other trying new things.

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