Challenge Yourself in 2012

I don’t know why but the first thing that came to mind when I thought about entering 2012 was two words “Challenge Yourself.” From there I saw a line drawn in the sand symbolizing something I either have been told not to cross or simply a line I have drawn unconsciously myself, I don’t know which. The lines in the sand visual may be a feel the fear and do it anyway thing or rebellious move to distance myself from others who have been negatively impacting decisions or better still it could be just childlike curiosity to see what happens if I put a toe over the line.

This isn’t about New Years resolutions, as those things never work for me, it is a simple message to challenge myself. The answer as to what that is or how many times I will challenge myself is yet to be revealed and funny enough, I’m not concerned by my lack of specifics at this point. The new year, even without resolutions, always comes with promise. When the clock strikes midnight we might not show any outward recognition of expectations but I really believe that internally many of us see it like opening a curtain on the next stage of our life. There just has to be something good behind there…let the show begin!

I don’t know about you, but I feel when you get a message so strongly as I did this one, it should be given a chance not to fade into the backdrop of every day existence. Maybe you have experienced an intense dream or thought that stays vividly  in your mind for minutes, hours or days on end. Is it worth paying attention too? “Challenge Yourself!” Both personally and professionally I can think of multiple things to do that would be challenging. However, I think I’m going to let it manifest organically… when it feels like it might be a challenge I will say “YEAH!”

If you have a line drawn in the sand by yourself or someone else maybe it is time to cross over, meet the challenge and see what happens.

Nothing is exciting when you know what the outcome will be ~ Joseph Campbell.

How will you challenge yourself in 2012?


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