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For as long as I've been getting Chanel newsletters delivered directly to my inbox, I've only just recently discovered Chanel News, their blog and ultimate insider scoop on all things Chanel.

chanel news blog header

Beyond the brilliance behind their blog, I love the simple layout and how their header {above} remains in the forefront of each post while scrolling, it doesn't stay at the top as most headers do. And although they make you work a little bit by teasing you with one image and a link to view the rest of the photos, it's totally worth the time and effort.

chanel gilt body chain

From runway extras and hair and makeup styles, to Chanel history and inspiration as well as amazing short videos, like the most recent "Creation Video" of Karl Lagerfeld sketching a pair of Chanel sunglasses to their manufacturing and completion, Chanel News blog has become a daily read, if not an obsession for me.

chanel sunglasses illustration

Go to Chanel News blog now for your daily dose of inspiration.

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