why do we always fight change? the fact is that the emotional energy that we waste  on fighting this impending change is exhausting. then of course our anger arises because of a feeling of lack of control, or anger at ourselves for fighting this change so hard. frusteration arises, then a feeling of a loss of self, when in reality it does not exist.


then you will find that  the inner child has a tantrum. thruout this process it feels like the ground is shaking, and everything is in a state of chaos. 


look closely at change, if you dont like how your living your lives... change it.  change it now, not tomorrow, not yesterday, not in the future. 


change it now. in this very moment in time, 


perhaps your changing journey will be filled with love, with ease, and joy/ embrace it. 


say to yourselves that change is happening for me right now.....