Change Agents: Creating Tangible Social Change: How to Move People to Action

You’ve gathered a group and started a passionate conversation – but you still want more. Maybe you want to get a company to change a policy. Maybe you want to affect local, state, or even national politics. You can do it: Your tools are your voices, your blogs, your Twitter streams, your e-mail accounts, your Facebook pages and your YouTube channels. Let’s discuss how to use those tools to engender social change.

We'll talk to Beth Terry from Fake Plastic Fish, who corralled her community into specific actions that instigated a corporate policy change at Brita; Gina McCauley from What About Our Daughters and Blogging While Brown, who creates simple, achievable quarterly activism goals for her community; Stephanie Himel-Nelson, the Director of New Media at Blue Star Families, who is working to change the national conversation about this country's military and military families; and Melissa Silverstein, who founded the site Women and Hollywood, which chronicles the TV and film industry's treatment toward and focus on women.