Change Agents: Feeding the Conversation: How to Build A Community Around Your Cause

We all say social media is about conversation, but often we could use some coaching to get it started for our most passion-inciting topics. Come hear from three community leaders who drove a tremendous amount of conversation, drawing people out and engaging people who didn’t realize they cared so much. What does it take to get people to listen, open up, and speak? Speak their truth? Speak to one another? Sometimes, just speaking out is enough.

Moderator Nancy Watzman from the Sunlight Foundation joins Denise Tanton, BlogHer's Community Manager, who will discuss BlogHer's healthcare reform community discussion organizer, Katherine Mancuso, GimpGirl contributor and disability/virtual world specialist focused on community and collaboration, and Maggie Dammit, the creator of Violence Unsilenced, a site that gives abuse survivors a voice within the blogging community.