Change Agents: Radical Blogging Moms: Don’t Even Think About Not Taking These Moms Seriously

We’ve explored how “mommyblogging is a radical act,” but what happens when truly radical moms blog? For these bloggers motherhood isn’t the topic, it’s a catalyst for a new level of activism. Does naming motherhood as a fundamental part of these women’s identities impact how seriously they are taken? At the intersection of motherhood and activism, you’ll find these bloggers raising their voices, raising the roof, raising a stink and raising the visibility of their target issues, all while raising their kids.

Political activist Joanne Bamberger moderates this conversation with Annie Urban (author of PhD in Parenting), who uses her blog to explore the social and corporate barriers to parenting; and Stephanie Roberts, whose projects, including Picture Hope, are an amazing example of using her blogging force for good.