Change Agents: ROYO - Resource Blogging: Serving Your Community One Post at a Time

Resource bloggers are driven by a desire to teach, build networks, and create support systems in their own areas of interest. Day in and day out, they serve their communities and effect positive change. We’ll talk to Jessica McFadden, who serves up local information to parents in the Washington, DC area, Susan Niebur, who grew her site out of the support needs she experienced while battling cancer, Leticia Barr, who educates parents on how to navigate new technologies for their children and Amy Mascott, who empowers parents to become the best teachers for their children by providing them with simple, hands-on tools and resources.. Passions for supplying others with tangible help is what keeps these bloggers returning to their keyboards each day. Discuss how you can reach and change your communities most effectively, no matter your driving passion.