Change Agents: ROYO - Screw Work/Life Balance, We Need Work/Life POLICY!

When Michelle Obama visited the Department of Labor early this year, she extolled the balance of family-friendly workplaces. But when will things really change? There is a small but powerful group of women and men online, such as Stephanie Wilchfort and Morra Aarons-Mele, who are broadening their reach and blogging about how to change the way all Americans, men and women, work. We’re talking about shifting the conversation from one about work/life balance, since those inevitably reflect a struggle to adapt current family realities to the old world where one parent worked, one stayed at home. Change is hard – but bloggers have a platform from which to advocate, persuade and activate. Discuss how to harness our power as bloggers to change one of the most fundamental parts of our lives.