Change in all things is sweet ~Aristotle

Today I am prompted to write about this quote by Aristotle.

It is so ironic that this is today's prompt because I have so many friends who are sending their children off to college today or this week.

I can only begin to imagine what that feels like. I am at least 7 years away from that day.

Based on what I am hearing and reading, it is one of the most emotional days of a parent's life. For me, I cried as I left my girls at Kindergarten. I cried as they played in their first soccer games. I cried as they ran their first 5K. I sobbed as my niece graduated from High School. I am a boo-hoo-er.

I do not even know if my girls will go away to college. Lea, who is fully confident at age 9.5, that she will be playing "big ball" at some prestigious college, asked me if Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park...about 12 miles from our home and 2 miles from Boyd's office, is considered prestigious? She thought it would be cool to be able to "have lunch with Daddy whenever I want to"!

I heard Grace tell someone she is going to go to college at CA State University Channel Island, because that is where her "big cousin", Justine is going and she is awesome.

I did not go "away" to college per say. I went to the University of Arizona. Technically, my family lived in Tucson so I could have easily lived at home and even "ridden my bike" to was THAT close. However, I lived in the choice.

A great choice by the way. I loved college. I loved the freedom. I lived in a dorm room with 3 other girls. I did not know a single one of them. One was from Connecticut, one was from Illinois, and one was from Pennsylvania. I had no problem making them all my friend. I grew up with 3 sisters. Sharing a small space and making it be fun, was in my DNA.

Boyd went to the JC. He went to play ball. Football and Baseball. He was very successful at the JC. At the time it was ranked in the nation as one of the finest JC's. He could have easily gone on to 4 year. He had some looks and offers. By that time though, he had suffered some injuries and had started to make some money in construction, and he took his AA degree and joined the work force. It worked out pretty well for him.

I am a huge fan of change. I welcome it. I am a "roll with it" kinda gal. When I met Boyd he and I talked about packing up and moving to Florida. He has a special feeling about that state because of his beloved Grandad, Duke Stockham. I thought it was a great idea. Boyd however has never lived anywhere but Northern CA. He does NOT do well with change at all. I know this more than ever now, after 20 years together.

So I can only speak to my personal opinion of this quote, based on my life which is replete with change. I have some experience with change that was "NOT SO SWEET", when it was happening. However, in hindsight, and with foresight, I can say that the essence of the "change" resulted in something sweet.

I know all my Mom friends who are kissing their kids farewell are going to survive. I know their offspring, whom they have nurtured and loved and supplied with boundless courage, are going to be just fine also. My own sister, made this trip just last year and she is coping. It has not always been smooth. It is highly unpredictable. The best thing for any of us, for all of us, is a good support system. That will insure our children's success and it will preserve our sanity.

So in the end.....change in all things IS sweet. No really, it is.

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