Change, Compassion, Unity, and Civil Rights. Marriage for all!

During the last few months, the word change has been on everyone's tongue. Both Presidential nominees, President-Elect Obama and Senator McCain used it to draw the American people to support their parties, campaigns, and beliefs. Obama invoked the spirit of change so powerfully. We were so inspired that we came out as one and said: “Yes, we want change!“ and elected him President.

States and people that so forcefully resisted civil rights for African-Americans and viewed them as less than human, now embrace our President-Elect. When he was elected, as one, we raised our thankful hands. We cheered, cried, and celebrated through the night. It didn’t matter what your race, nationality, gender, or sexual preference was. We were one.

But when the dawn came, the celebrations came to a halt. The same Lesbians and Gays who celebrated with their fellow Americans the night before, were faced with staggering and surprising news. Proposition 8 went through and suddenly only heterosexual marriages where legal. Same sex marriage was suddenly viewed as invalid by law. Proposition 8 overrode a recent California Supreme Court decision that ruled same sex marriage as a valid and fundamental right. With the press of a button, millions of California voters, revoked a fundamental civil right from a group of fellow Americans.

We must oppose Opposition 8 and stand together. We must demand that this wrong to be righted.
But how?

Keith Olbermann suggested in this passionate, well-spoken, and moving speech that the opposition to Proposition 8 is about heart. While I believe in the power of love, I feel that the key to over turning Proposition 8 is found in the soul.

The soul is deeper than the heart and compassion goes farther than love. Compassion is the force that allows us to openly accept others for who they are. Through compassion, we see the truth and the way to peace. When we see with it, we recognize that we all share the same needs, hopes, and dreams, along with the same pains, problems, and challenges. There is no other; there is only one. We are one. Compassion gives the gift of unity and understanding. Compassion teaches us that when we harm one person, we harm ourselves and our world.

I ask you: “Can we become the change the seek? Can we be courageous enough to seek compassion? Can we open our hearts, embrace each other, and give everyone equal rights?”

I believe that “Yes, we can!”

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