Change: The Only Game in Town

Erica works for a company that is always changing and it makes her crazy. “Why can't things just stay the same? Why is there always something that has to be done differently? What is wrong with the way it is now? I want to do my job one way, every day. Instead, my head is spinning,” she tells me.

Most of us know how many quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies are in a dollar and we can make change fast. However, knowing about profit and loss statements and change on a larger level is questionable.  Erica states, “At my workplace they like to keep us in the loop about the good and not so good of the finances so we are part of the team.”

But at this point, Erica is feeling she just wants a paycheck and is thinking about looking for a job somewhere else where they don't change everything all the time!

Sorry to let you in on this little secret so late, however, change is the only game in town.

Now, you could get a job in a factory and yet, even when routine things are done day after day, new ideas come along and boom, the factory has improved and faster machines are in place and you, dear Erica, may be out of a job.

Think of it this way.

We are no longer in the industrial revolution, not even in the information revolution. We are in the era of a transformation revolution. And that means all of us are required to become change agents who think faster and smarter all day, every day.

Here is a vital question for you to ponder: when you were a little one and you grew out of your clothes, was it exciting to get into big boy or big girl pants? Was it exciting or painful when you went from elementary school to middle school? Who was there for you when you went into puberty? Or did you want to stay the child who liked being spoon fed and coddled?

When you begin to look at the messages and behaviors that were there around change when you were small, you can start the process of learning to love change and embrace it day, by day, by day.

Then you can make change all the time.


Sylvia Lafair, PhD.
Award Winning Author
CEO at Creative Energy Options, Inc


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