Change the Way You Think

I told my brother I was thinking that it would be nice for boyfriend & I to save up at least $100,000 before we buy a house.
It was just a thought. It would be nice not having to pay back ridiculous interest, at least on the $100,000.
My brother scoffed & told me that it would be impossible.
I think my brother needs to change the way he thinks.

To save $100,000, you only need to put away $1000, 100 times. Or, $100, 1000 times.
Or, have two incomes, & live on one.

Think about it. Many, many families only have one income. My boyfriend used to make $60,000/year. I used to make $30,000 per year (before I became unemployed).
If we lived on only his salary, we'd save up $30,000/year. It would only take us 3 1/2 years to save $100,000.
If we were to live on my income only, & save his salary, we'd have well over $100,000 by the end of the second year.
This is totally feasible. We live on just a little more $30,000/year right now. Yes, it's tough. & yes, I'm super frugal. But it's doable.

Not so hard when you put it in those terms.
Now, I just have to get boyfriend on board.
That's the only hard part.

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