Changing, Always Changing

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The Journey or The Accomplishment


I am not one of those people who dislikes change.

Quite the opposite in fact. I love change.

I never really realized why I am constantly working toward something, changing, anything, and once I get there or get it I move on to something else. It's not that I'm dissatisfied with what I just got or accomplished. It's just simply I like the working toward, the getting there. I like to be constantly working on something. big or small. I'm not dissatisfied with what I accomplish or do I just have an "Ok, I did that, what's next?" attitude.

I get depressed or out of sorts when I'm not working toward something. That's why I thrive on lists and routines. Not because I am so busy (well, not only that) but because I like to always have a specific purpose or task to be working on.

It can be big, like working to become a photographer, working to have my own photography business, or really small, what I need to clean in the house today, or how many loads of laundry I need to do. No matter how big or small I always need to be working toward something.

Do you like change? Do you like the journey toward an accomplishment almost more than the accomplishment itself?



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