Changing Places

Although there may be times in life when we'd like to change places with others, our path will still remain the same. It is not for you to be in another person's experience, then it is for them to be in yours. From afar, there are those whose life seem to be more comfortable or successful than yours but you all have your own way to go. It is the lessons learned that is vital to your existance not the material things that you can attain. You are given what you need to live a life which is right for you. The struggles and hardships may seem to last forever, but it is during this time that you do your most growing. Be content with the worth you are given, for it is that which makes you who you are and will become. Today, live in your existance. Be who you are and all will be right in the world.

What a peaceful place to be... 

(I don't ever remember wanting to be anyone else, but dreaming about buying things I can't afford is my downfall. Being content with what I have comes down to, how comfortable am I with what I already have. At this time, I'm at peace. Living a simple life is a large part of who I am today.)

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