Is Changing the Rules for Women's Marathon Records Fair

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( News broke today that the International Association for Athletics Federation changed the rules for women’s marathon world records. According to the new rules, a woman can no longer set a record in a race run with men. Huh? What this also means is that the IAAF is changing the existing records on the books. Records set by the likes of Paula Radcliffe who set a world mark in a race with men. WTS media manager Steph Perleberg believes the move may be holding women back from their potential. Can women run just as fast without men setting the pace? ~js)

A professor of mine once asked the class if his rules for writing were fair. We sat there looking at him. I figured that life isn't fair, so it really doesn't matter whether his requests were fair or not. He stated, "yes, they are fair because I am giving the same qualifications and rules to everyone so everyone has an equal shot at doing it right".

Is the move by the IAAF fair? Using my professors' definition, it seems as though it is [though] I have to cringe a little when admitting this.....

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