Changing Your Beliefs to Manifest Your Ideal Life

In order to manifest and create your ideal life, you have to believe consciously and SUBCONSCIOUSLY that you deserve it, can get it, and will have it.

I think it is easier to convert to a new religion than it is to find and change your subconscious belief system. The little voice in your head that fills you withnegative thoughts can self-sabotage efforts to change your life.

Before you can change the voice from distractor to cheerleader, you need to understand what is feeding that voice.

It is amazing how many of our beliefs are set in childhood. What did your parents, grandparents, or teachers say to you – or around you – that makes you believe you cannot have something? Figuring those things out takes work.

I find that one way to discover your beliefs is to write, extensively, about what you want. Ask yourself the five powerful questions to stop being a victim. While you’re writing, pay attention to that little voice. What is it saying to you?

Doubts are reflections of your subconscious beliefs.Doubts are reflections of your subconscious beliefs. So, how do you change them? Well, affirmations are a good start. Also, spin the doubt.

When you find yourself thinking, “I can’t afford that,” ask yourself, “How can I afford that?” And then figure out what it will take to get the money you need. And then, to quote the ad campaign, Just Do It.

If you think you do not deserve something, ask yourself why, and then convince yourself otherwise. If you do not deserve a loving relationship because you are a bad person,write a list of all the good things you doand read it to yourself often.

I’ve said it before: I know you love yourself because you choose to continue living. All you need is the power of that love to convince your subconscious that you can afford, you do deserve, and you are wonderful.

And, it is not easy. Reprogramming ourselves takes work -– committed life long work.


Vanessa Loder
Founder & CEO Akoya Power, LLC

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