Chaos Organized


Four Spectrum kids (one was sick at the time), two husbands and one Burger King playground as our babysitter and we still had to come up with a conceptional idea as to what this blog is even about. So until that idea is formulated or we become more versed and allotted a paid babysitter; here is a quickie breakdown of what we hope to bring you-

KISS Recipes- “Keep it simple stupid” recipes. One’s we actually make that taste good. We promise not to share the one’s that don’t.

KISS DIY- “Keep it simple stupid” cleaning tips, projects, crafts, and fun ideas we have done/are doing/hope to do when we find time.

“It’s my favorite!”- A common saying we all hear from our kids on every new shiny, spinny, flashy object they see. And the ones us mom’s see too.

Mommy Madness- Stories of mommy-hood from behind the front door; and even ones from public we would rather forget.

The Moment When… – The moment when we know our kids are our kids. The moment when you just stop and have to take a breath and laugh.

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