Charlaine Harris Announces the End of Sookie Stackhouse

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Last week, Charlaine Harris announced that Sookie Stackhouse's days are numbered. Following the May 3 release of Dead Reckoning, Harris will probably only write and release two more novels in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series and then it's good-bye to Sookie forever.

Harris has been with Sookie for more than a decade now. That's a long time to spend with one character. I understand that after a while, an author just wants to do something else, that you just want to work on other projects. For Harris it will mean that she has time to create new characters and do new fun things with existing ones -- such as create video games. Harris has just released Dying for Daylight, an online hidden object game featuring Dahlia Lynley-Chivers, one of her vampire characters.

How are fans of the series reacting to the end of the series?

Kristen at Daemon's Books is already guessing what the end of Sookie's story.

The real question is whom will Sookie end up with? I’ve noticed in Harris’ other series (Lily Bard, Aurora Teagarden, Harper Connelly) that she usually writes a marriage and/or pregnancy into the last book. So will the series end with Sookie getting married? has some advice to readers who believe they know the right way for the series to end.

Now, before your start harassing Ms. Harris on her forum about which character Sookie should end up with, be advised that Ms. Harris has known from the get-go how the series was going to end.

At the Sookieverse Harris is being applauded for choosing to end the series while it's still popular.

Harris’ decision to call it a day comes as no surprise to me, as I suspect it doesn’t to anyone who frequents this blog. In fact, I find myself relieved that she’s identified an end point for the series and I look forward to following her into new territory with new characters, and a fresh story.

I have to confess that I haven't read any of the Sookie Stackhouse books. I've been reading about them online for years, since before I even started blogging. Then came the television series True Blood, and I started to feel decidedly behind. The announcement that the series is coming to close to me means it's almost the perfect time to start reading it. Knowing that the last book is on the horizon means that I won't have to wait too long between each book.

How do you feel about the series ending with the thirteenth book? Do you have any predictions about the end of the series?

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