The Charlotte Shuffle


Last week somebody sent me a link to a video which does a side by side comparison of Obama speeches from the 2008 campaign with those he’s using in this 2012 election cycle. They are nearly identical.


It occurs to me that while Barack Obama was spending trillions to grow our National Debt, he was making serious spending cuts in his speech writing budget. Good for him. You can say it any way you like, Barry. There is no good way to tell a lie.


And lies were the order of the day in Charlotte. As the Democratic National Convention played out we had Debbie Wasserman-Shultz lying about what the Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren supposedly said concerning Republican policies: “What Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel.” To which lies the Ambassador quickly and vehemently took exception. Wasserman-Shultz might as well have been wearing an “I’m voting for Mitt Romney shirt” – her comments were that blatant and that impossible to take seriously.


We watched as Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles – not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES – heard the overwhelming wish of the Democratic delegates at the convention vote to leave God out of the Democrat platform, and finally declared it to be the wish of the convention to put God back into the document. A really big lie. A smart lie, but a lie just the same.


We heard lies about the number of jobs the current administration claims to have produced in its tenure. The number our Democrat friends like to use is a net 4.5 million jobs. According to, however, the number is misleading spin - another Democrat lie.


“Keynote speaker Castro also put a misleading spin on employment data. He claimed “we’ve seen 4.5 million new jobs” under President Obama. In fact, the nation has regained 4.5 million jobs that had been lost, but employment is still below where it was when the president took office.”



We even heard lies about our voting habits. In typical “divide and conquer” style, the race card was played in a particularly offensive way when buttons bearing the slogan “Once you vote BLACK, you’ll never go back.” I believe this may be the biggest lie yet. The American people will, on November 6th prove this ever so wrong. What America got when it voted black was not as advertised – it was the ultimate bait and switch.


There were plenty of half-truths and outright lies to go around the sparsely attended and over-hyped convention. For my part, I’m still clinging to the facts and praying that the American people can see through the Democrat’s smoke and mirrors.



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