Charming DIY Framed Quotes For a Little Girl's Room

Thanks for joining me today for this quick little project I did over the weekend. :D It all came about because I wanted to find frames for my daughter's room so that I could put quotes on her wall. I came across a pin on Pinterest of someone who purchased 11"x14" frames from the Dollar Tree. (To see where I got the idea from, click here.) I was quite impressed that, once she matted and hung the frames up, they didn't look that bad.
So, ultimately I went to the closest Dollar Tree with my new found inspiration in mind to make a cheap, but tasteful look for my daughter's room. Unfortunately,  they only had the frames in black and I wanted some color. Well, now what was I going to do? Going down the aisles, I came across some pink duct tape.

Here's a quick little tutorial on how I used the duct tape.

This is what the frames looked like before.
The first thing I did was place a large enough piece of duct tape on the frame with just enough hanging over the inner part to tuck it to the back. I wrapped the other end around and trimmed it to fit. I used a razor to angle the pieces in the seam. I continued to do his all the way around.
I made sure that the metal pieces that hold the backing in was exposed. I was afraid that the duct tape wouldn't allow enough room to put the glass and backing back in, but it worked out great.
These are the finished frames. I really liked the way it came out. I could have painted them, but this was so much easier and didn't have to wait for them to dry. These measure 11"x14", but obviously you could do this to any size frame...which I might do eventually so that there is a cohesion. The roll of pink duct tape I bought was just enough to do both of these frames.
Here's the end result once they were matted and hung on the wall. I designed the quotes from PicMonkey and after saving them to my computer, I printed them. The whole project only cost me about $5 and about an hour from start to finish. The two quotes I chose are from Audrey Hepburn. I love her!
{I spaced them next to each other on a blank wall.}


{"Happy girls are the prettiest girls."}


{"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I'm Possible."}
{The front view.}
And there you have it. This project was super simple and looks great in her room. Did you do any projects over the weekend? Share below. I'd love to see. :)

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