Chasin' Down a Dream Like It Stole My Wallet

 It’s bad out there (economically speaking), it’s two months before our mortgage re-adjusts, I just got promoted at my job that’s 2.5 miles from my house and lets me out at 1:00 on Fridays, and I am, in general, a pretty level-headed, responsible gal. Sounds like a recipe for quitting my job to pursue some half-cocked writing endeavor if ever I heard one.

Dear Reader, I did it.

I spent all of Christmas break (to say nothing of the preceding twelve months) waffling over this decision. Then I woke up, showered, packed my lunch and drove to work like I’ve done over a thousand times before. And as I walked up to the building, I knew I couldn’t pass through those doors one more time, knowing there was somewhere else I should be instead.

What took me so long?

Oh, you know – a little thing called stability. Money.  The dream of a California backyard larger than a floppy disk (whoa – did I just date myself?).

But what about our other dreams? Once the fright wears off, we tend to forget that...

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