Chateau, My Home

 Chateau My Home


It is a spacious elegant home, plenty of windows to carry the sunlight into each purposeful designed room. The prairie air flows freely through each room, gently gracing the delicate curtains with a fresh scent of spring. It has large rooms and quiet cozy nooks. It is full of hallways, benches, desks and doors. It is comfortable and sophisticated. It is sunny and bright, earthy and organic.

It is not built yet.  It is my dream home, the one God placed in my heart, the one I will live in someday. 


But what does it mean to find Home, our figurative Home?

Home also represents the person God designed me to be. It is the dreams I am to have, the personality I will develop, and the talents I am blessed with. It is the entire spectrum which makes me the person that I am. This is my Home.  I am comfortable in my home, shoes off, jeans on, hair in a ponytail, coffee in hand… relaxed…at peace …no worries.  At Home…here there is no pretense, no masks I have to wear, and no guards I position around me.

Home is where I am carefree. I know my responsibilities, I don’t push them aside, I meet them head on, and I accomplish them. It is not a burden but a good challenge and it is rewarding.

Home is when I want to take on something new…. I can… so I do… I am not afraid; I have confidence even in the unknown.

Home is not problem free, it can be complicated, it can have difficulties and sorrows. But at Home I know who I am and what is the right thing to do and I am not fearful to do it.

My Home has been placed in my heart since eternity. This is where God wants me be – the person He has designed me to be.  All the dreams and hopes, longings and desires have been created by God and set inside

of my heart. 

God wants us to live in the Home He has designed for us…..the person He has made and planned for us to be….

And it is beautiful home and you are beautifully fit for it….

Come Home….


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