The Cheap Female Body: A Guide for Liberal Males on the Female Anatomy

If your a liberal male who was surfing the internet and came across BlogHer and found this blog  and figured it would be something to masturbate to, I have something to say to you:


You're in the wrong place. GO AWAY.


This is distinctly a blog entry about the BS I hear everyday about "liberal men for women's rights" and "liberal men support women".




Honestly, what those dumb liberal men say (I have never heard vulgar slang for the body used to describe women's body parts)....That's like saying Joe Biden didn't look like he needed laxatives during the vice presidential debate, or Piers Morgan isn't really a redcoat who is trying to tell us how to write our US Constitution.

Look at the word "vagina". It comes from Latin, and was chosen specifically by doctors.

How about our breasts? They were put on us so we could just be more beautiful, and, of course, feed our childen, if we choose to have them.

So what is this wonderful dialogue that the liberal men use, though? What does it consist of? If you haven't learned yet from people like Bill Maher, Seth Macfarlane, the Academy Awards, or Hollywood, this is what they are:






The last one doesn't annoy me as much, although I do enjoy mocking the democrats by saying they are asses (donkeys, obviously). First of all, let's make something clear: my vagina does not look like a cat, or meow. So you have NO RIGHT to say that to me pal.

Also, these are my breasts, and they are a beautiful part of my body. Do NOT come up with a stupid word to describe MY body that belongs to ME.

Call it a clitoris. That's what it's called. If you cannot respect that, don't talk about it. I don't stand around and call your testicles a "test". (Wow, that sounds stupid...)


While I strongly oppose censorship and support the First Amendment, what bothers me most is the fact that these same liberal men are running around saying they "support women" and they are "for women's rights" and bullshit like that, when they constantly talk about our bodies and such in music, movies and the media. They can say this if they want, but I DO NOT APPROVE of these same men running around claiming they appreciate women when they simply just take their money through the media and the government. Ticks me off.


So sit your butts down and close your mouthes "men" if you're gonna use that language to describe my body. And go away, or stop preaching that you love women.



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