Check Out my Application For Producing the Morning Shows,Thumbs Up?

I’m a producer! Yeah, didn’t you know? OK, so maybe in my head! But, let me tell you, I know I can fix the morning shows.  And,Yes, they need a huge fix!!

Good Morning America, The Today Show and what is the other one?? CBS This Morning, that is it!  They all suck.

The morning shows treat viewers like dumbasses.  The first hour use to give a decent version of news.  The second hour use to be a little lighter.  Maybe a star peddling shit, like a movie or book.  A Chef with a cool recipe.  A nutritionist giving solid advice.  Some great exercise or money tips. You get the picture.

Not anymore.  It is all advertisement.  Plugging all their bullshit lame Reality shows at night.  Or, better, The Today show is trying to save the E Channel which means save the Kardashians.  Please.  I can’t  watch The Today show.  Between Ryan Seacrest and all the Kardashians popping in and me puking all morning, well, I had to find something else, or I was going to become super ill! It is not good to vomit that much :)

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C’mon,do we really and truly care about Kim and another guy?For those that do they have so many other flipping outlets! Such as, blogs, The E! Channel, The Kardashian so-called Reality shows! Must The Today Show jump on every bandwagon, no matter how slimy?

In the end, Gimmick television doesn’t work.  Ask the Soaps, they are getting canceled by the minute.  Don’t throw us celebrities to spice it up.  The Today Show hiring Sarah Palin and Good Morning America grasping with Katie Couric, hoping she still has ‘it’? Whatever! Give us solid programming.  Stop selling shit for two hours straight.  We want good informational stories then we will buy a book here or there.  Stop the name dropping. No more Flash in the pan crap!

I chose to channel surf and prefer Matlock to any Morning programs! Now that says it all! Go Matlock!!

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Do you think I should apply for the Producers position?


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