Check out Norton Online Family Software and enter to win an iPod Touch!


Update 3-10-09: The sweepstakes have now ended but you can still check out the reviews and see who won an iPod Touch!

Symantec recently gave ten lucky BlogHers the opportunity to review the all new Norton Online Family software. If you have ever felt out of the loop while your kids are online, you can now rest easy with this great new software. Check out the reviews below to see what each BlogHer had to say and enter for a chance to win one of ten iPod Touches on each of the blogs! Click here for the contest rules.

Heavenly Homemaker says that the Norton Online Family "... is the nicest little watch dog I've ever had in my house."

"Norton software is pretty much synonymous with computer/internet security...and there is nothing I want safe more than my children," says Hope 4 Peyton.

Busy Mom says "Norton Online Family is a suite of controls that lets parents monitor their kids' computer usage. It's more than just a key stroke recorder or a blacklist, it's an entire suite of parental controls to oversee kids' Internet usage."

Says Fresh Brewed about Norton Online Family: "It has a safe search feature so your child doesn't search for web sites about something innocent for school and end up on ... a site that is absolutely inappropriate for him."

With six kids and a crazy schedule, Mom to the Screaming Masses
appreciates the ease of set up and the smart, smart thinking behind the
savvy family product. Check out her experience with Norton Online
Family - and enter her iPod Touch giveaway!

According to Cool Moms Rule!, Norton Online Family is "a simple to set-up, easy-to-use interface that lets you set safe limits for your kids and monitor their online activity from your own computer."

Pensieve thought it was wild that though she was out of town, she was able to log into her Norton account and see every site her family had visited.

Because Octamom has multiple computers in her house, she was pleased to see that once the download was complete, she was able "to see all the individual accounts on each of our home computers."

My Own Circle of Confusion really likes that the software enables you to block certain types of sites, specific sites or to allow certain sites.

Acknowledging that the internet has amazing opportunities for any child to learn and explore, but also significant dangers, A Second Cup is grateful that Norton Online Family "provides parents the technology they can use to give their children the freedom to use the internet safely."


To try this new software yourself, click here.