Checking In

I was walking through the mall one day, with my new boyfriend, when I saw you with your new girlfriend.  I don’t think you saw me. Did you know I was there?  My boyfriend almost called an ambulance because of my reaction.

I froze.

I hyperventilated.

I collapsed.

Behind a pillar, next to the bookstore.  It all came rushing back you see – a year after we parted.  A year after you threw me down the stairs and pushed me into the hood of my car. Before you smashed the windshield in with a single leap through the air.

Before that you hid my keys, so I couldn’t go anywhere.

Before that you had your friends report from everyplace I went.

Before that you spread rumours about me, and borrowed money you never repaid and totalled my other car.

The FIRST time you ruined me, remember?

And so I learned my lesson.  To never choose another man like you.


But that wasn’t good enough.

Another year later I was walking back from my improv class in the city, when I turned and crouched because I dropped my keys.

I looked over and there you were again, just pulling in.

You got out of your car and walked to the building I had just left.



Another year after that you called my family, just to “check in” and see how I was doing.  My 12 year old sister was all too happy to give you my new address.  Such a charmer with them, you were.

Another year after that I moved away, and because I didn’t know about your computer prowess, you followed me anyway.


Several years after that I met one of your ‘brothers’ in California.  Another coincidence, I’m sure.

It didn’t last long, though, did it?  I recognized the signs.

Still, he was able to pick up where you left off…

A year after he and I broke up, I got a call…

Just to “check in” and see how I was doing…




And so it goes…

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