Checkout Line Battle

This is not meant to discourage any couponers out there. I have had my fair share of pleasant cashiers. Many cashiers ask me where I got my coupons or how I made a certain transaction work. However, you definitely need to be prepared for battle when you are using more coupons than you have items in your cart.

As I stood in line at the checkout today, I saw the distrust in the clerk's eyes. I knew it was coming. She spotted me a mile away with my binder perfectly perched in the baby seat, my stacks of BOGO items and I am sure what appeared to be my worst offense, my enormous stack of coupons. When I handed her my neatly organized, scrupulously counted and sorted coupons, I wanted to attach a note:

To Whom It May Concern,
Really, I am not in any way trying to cheat you. I have each and every item for which there is a coupon; there are no expired coupons; yes, you can accept a $1.00/2 items coupon on a BOGO; yes, your store accepts manufacturer and store coupons for the same item; yes, that coupon can be used for a trial size; yes, I am certain; yes, I will wait for a manager...tell him it's Brittany, the one with the binder, he'll know who you are talking about.

This is part of the thrill for some frugal shoppers. I have to admit that I have emerged from some of these checkout line battles feeling quite triumphant. But if only the cashier would see me coming and smile. If they knew how much thought and preparation went into these purchases, they would not examine each and every coupon like it were some secret way I was trying to take advantage of them. I hope that one day my favorite stores will greet me with the same elation that I feel when I open their shiny new circular each week.

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