Should Parents Be Arrested for Cheering During High School Graduation?

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As usual I am taking the wrong stance. Well, I don’t think it is wrong but when media has decided to interview all the parents that are outraged that a South Carolina mom was arrested for cheering at a high school graduation, it makes you feel like you are wrong if you are on the other side. The media has a way of doing such little things like that but this piece/vent isn’t about the silly mainstream media.

I have my own brain!

I decide my stance!

Here is the deal. I have had two children graduate from high school and one from college. We were blessed that at all three graduations parents/families/friends were fairly respectful of all the graduates. There was minimal cheering. I was pleasantly surprised at the college graduation.

Let us focus on the high school graduation! The scenario goes like this: In our school district we have three high schools that graduate on the same day. In years past, high school graduations took place on the school property, but with the growth of large Graduation classes and parents wanting to invite "the world" to the graduation, public school districts have to RENT property space to accommodate all the bottoms. See the word rent? This forces the public school districts to use precious tax dollars in order to secure a facility large enough for parents to get their dream met.

Now, in our public school district they have succeeded with this task, but the deal is they rent the space for one day and for an allotted amount of time. This all helps with the public school budget! Therefore, they need to get THREE large HIGH SCHOOL graduation classes GRADUATED in ONE DAY. It is time consuming. There are roughly 900 to 1200 kids graduating each year, split by three schools. Mull those numbers over for a few seconds!

Let us talk about the cheering. It was explained to the parents to NOT CHEER. It slows the process, other families will not hear their child's name and they will not stop and wait because they can’t. A letter was sent explaining this. It was made clear that there was a time limit on the facility and each graduation had only so much time. They asked that the parents cheered and did their celebrating at private parties! Most importantly it was stressed that if they cheered, they would ruin another families day. It was a polite letter. Pleading and explaining logically to parents why they should not cheer. Remember, 300 plus kids at a graduation. Imagine pausing for each child? You want to go to that graduation? In addition, the public school district does not have the funds for such an adventure. Time is money. If you want great teachers, busing, sports and everything else, then you can’t ask for hours upon hours for graduation ceremonies too. Or pony up. Because it is really your tax dollars that pays for education. It isn’t really free, duh?

Once again, I must state, we were blessed with minimal cheering and blessed with NO outlandish cheering but it was sad because we still had a few incidents. Unfortunately, those cheering families managed to drown out a few names behind their child. THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A MOMENT!


I want YOU to really THINK about that for a moment! If YOU are a parent and YOUR CHILD was the NAME DROWNED OUT, how would you feel? You got the letter and everyone else was following the rules. Graduation was going great and then that ONE family drowns out YOUR KID. YOU MISSED YOUR KIDS NAME. I am wondering if YOU would feel all that bad about the parents getting kicked out or arrested? Oh, c’mon, you can’t be that sweet? Really? Well, I would deep down be going, “Yes, they got what they deserved!” Of course I wouldn’t say it out loud. Hell who am I kidding, yes I would! Funny, you all are looking at me and yet, that family just caused me to miss MY JOY! I am just not that sweet, sorry!


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