Cheers to a Beginning

Happy Fourth of July! I've been contemplating about the perfect way to begin my very first blog, and what exactly I wanted to say in my first post. I finally decided that what a better day to begin posting but a wonderful national holiday, yay America. Anyways, I'll just preface the life of my blog with a few interesting/possibly useful facts about myself. I am twenty years old (boo) and have been in recovery from anorexia for the past six months. As is common with many eating disorders, this all began about a year ago after my freshman year of college with an intense desire to get healthy and shed a few unwanted pounds. Well, about 50 pounds and six months later, I was severly underweight, weak, and emotionally drained (thank God Christmas break came when it did). Presently, I am doing very well in recovery, and decided to start this blog in order to share my journey back to health, as well as just anything random I feel like adding. I still face many difficulties, but really who doesn't? So, that is just a little about me, and I'll probably be revealing more as this blog continues. I'm pretty new to this so forgive me if this post is getting lengthy, but thanks to everyone out there who shares their own journeys through this network and I am so glad to have finally joined.


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