Chef and author Jamie Oliver has never read a book?

I know about ghost writing, but I'm still going to ask the question: How can someone who says he's never read a book write a book and run his own magazine?

Jamie Oliver - the famous chef who went around the U.S. improving school lunches - told the UK publication "The Independent" that he has never read a book in his life. He said it's because he's dyslexic and bores easily. The one book he started - "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain - never got finished. Jamie says that Anthony came to Britain and kept bugging him for five years - so Jamie finally threw it into a fire.

My guess is that although he CAN read, he doesn't enjoy it because he's not very good at it. It doesn't come naturally to him and since he struggles, he avoids reading all together.

I wish Jamie would consider getting some cognitive skills training for things like auditory processing, which would quickly make reading SO much easier and therefore so much fun!

Not to mention, I've done brain training and it is really fun! But it pales in comparison to reading an awesome book easily.

Here's the story:



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