Chemical Peels VS. Micrdermabrasion


What Are The Differences?

The other day Shauna from Freckles and Curse Words posed an intriguing question to me.  She also in her infinite wisdom suggested that the subject matter might make a good post.  I could not argue with that.  Shauna was right on the money!  

Side note if you are not already a fan of Freckles and Curse Words you need to be checking it out!  Shauna has got such a great sense of humor and is completely candid about her life. Plus she very lovable!

Anyhoo back to the question.  Shauna wondered what the difference between a chemical peel and microdermabrasion is.  For this article I am not talking about a medium depth peel like the pictures I posted about myself in this past post here.  I will be discussing light superficial peels which have no downtime aka hide in the house time!


Microderm and chemical peels are very similar in what they do for the skin. 

Both can help with:

*Fine Lines

*Acne Scars

*Sun Damage

*Deeply exfoliate the skin

*Stimulate collagen and elastin

*Keep pores clean which makes them appear smaller

Microderm abrades the skin.  Older machines use aluminum oxide crystals which are blown onto the skin and vacuumed up at the same time.  Newer models use a diamond tip head.  Sort of like a round metal nail file.  This machine also has suction on it.  The reason for the suction is to increase the blood flow to the face and help stimulate collagen and elastin.


Chemical peels dissolve the top layer of skin creating a controlled wound. This sets your skin into repair mode and allows the skin to repair and regenerate itself.


Both chemical peels and microdermabrasion need to be done in a series of treatments. Expect to do at least 3-6.  Though some people need more then 6.  Treatments can be done every 10-14 days.  Once you are satisfied with your complexion have a peel or microdermabrasion done every 4-6 weeks to maintain your results. 

There is no downtime with either of these treatments.  Peels are started at a low strength and are moved up as your skin tolerates it.  Same with the microderm treatment.  The machine is started on a low setting an moved up with each treatment.  

You will not look anything like Samantha from Sex and the City after a light chemical peel!

After both types of treatments your skin will be pink and have a sunburned, windburn feel. That is gone by the next day. The 3rd day after the treatment you may notice a little bit of flaking on the skin.  That is just the dead cells being lifted off.  Both will also leave your skin brighter and smoother.  They will also make your skin feel like it has never been that clean before!  It will feel totally refreshed.

As you can see they are similar yet different and both have fabulous anti-aging benefits! 

So tell me....

*Have you ever had a chemical peel or microderm treatment?

*What is the last spa treatment you treated yourself to?

*Have you cheked out Freckles and Curse Words?  If not, what are you waiting for?!  Shauna will make you giggle....I promise!

If you have a fantabulous idea for a post like my bud Shauna feel free to contact me.  If it's a subject I know a lot about I will write a post.  Oh who am I kidding here.  Even if it's a subject I don't know a lot about I will research the bejesus out of it and write all about it!

Till next time.  Have a beautiful skin day!  Your Esthetic Goddess,  Susie


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