Cher Smith – Yes, Black Women Deserve Better!

In 2008, I was introduced to a wonderful blogger, Cher Smith. The timing was perfect as I had left a horrible relationship. My relationship pattern had been toxic due to not knowing how to choose a good partner. I’m unsure how I was introduced to Cher; but I found myself a member of her Facebook group, Black Women Deserve Better.

This awesome woman shared so much wisdom. Her phenomenal insight and factual explanations of why Black women deserved better in love, health, wealth, and relationships literally rescued me from my own distorted delusions of love, health, wealth, and relationships.

Since creating her website,, Cher has been battered and bruised by those who are stuck in their toxic mentalities or men who are afraid the eyes of Black women will be opened to their selfish games. Cher has given so much of herself intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.  Her bravery is what continually motivates me to extend the message that not only do Black women deserve better; but we are women first.

All women deserve better. Our world is greater because Cher Smith found it necessary to take up the torch of fairness and hope for all Black women. Her overall message is, ‘Yes, Black women deserve better!” Enough said.


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