Cherish the Love ... Grandmas are Special!

This year's end of school year is extra special. We have High School graduation, Middle School academic awards and promotions, and birthdays to celebrate. My mother-in-law (aka grandma) came to visit her children and grandchildren to celebrate with us. One event she had no idea we are celebrating is her 70th year celebration. Ssshhh ... it's a surprise!

On the way to the airport to pick her up, my daughters were exchanging stories about "grandma did this" and "grandma did that". They remembered from last year's visit that grandma showed them how to sew (an apron) and how to make little dresses and accessories for their dolls. They also remembered how grandma would take them to the park and walk to the donut shop, and then got lost on the way home. "Good times with grandma!" they both said.

I know a lot of you would agree when I say, "Grandparents spoil their grandkids". Grandmas in general like to spend time with their grandchildren. They are like the good fairies bringing all kinds of goodies and little gifts. Grandmas treat their grandkids out for some pizza, burgers, and a movie. All the stuff we say to our kids they can't have (well at least to my kids), when grandma is here, it doesn't matter. This is the sort of thing only a grandmother who is completely head over heels in love with her grandchildren would do.

When grandma is here, we always have a family get-together. Be it at my house or other siblings house, everyone would come together with potluck food. Adults are chillaxing, eating, talking, and catching up on things. Kids and cousins are playing around the house, and (if it's at my house) everyone goes to the pool. That's always fun!

If you ask me, I think it's so wonderful when she is visiting even just for a little while. It's also a break for me from some of my regular routine. She would cook for us. My husband would request her to cook his favorite dish, and she would cook all day long. I love it!

My kids and her other grandkids are truly lucky to have their grandma who love them and spoil them rotten. It's a true blessing to have her in our lives. One thing she would ask of her grandkids is to treat her, family, friends and everyone else with kindness and respect. She would remind them to say "please" and "thank you", to share with others, and to pray.

One special event we planned this year is a surprise birthday party to celebrate her 70th year. All her families and friends came to celebrate with us. One of the grandkids performed her Hula dance, and my daughter played her clarinet. The most fun was the viewing of her made-movie "Dida at 70". It showed photos of herself, her family, her friends, and her accomplishments all through her 70 years. How great is that!

All grandmas are truly a blessing. In the kids eyes, the good grandma is the all-year-round good fairy. To us, mothers and grandmas is the mom we loved to argue with when we were younger than now, thinking we were old enough to decide for ourselves. Now that we are of age, still not wiser than her, she is our go to person. Be careful though, grandmas tend to really act as grandmas and not as a mom. She will somehow, not deliberately though, be very generous with her "yes's" to her grandkids. You will wonder, "Who are you and what did you do to my mom?"


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