Have I ever been cherished?  Has any other soul who ever breathed on this planet cherished me above all others?  I think not.  I wonder why not? Will someone ever?  I don't believe so.  My children do love  me very much of course so I am not without love.  In fact I am blessed and I know it.  I look at other people with their mates and I don't understand.  My first husband really never loved me and I knew it before I married him- my mistake.  Second husband felt so much like he loved me but he chose himself, gambling and pornography as more important than remaining a family.  I did everything I could to be a good wife and it wasn't good enough.  I chose wrong.  I picked the wrong people to be with.  I used 18 years on them.  My entire youth.  I was once pretty and optomistic.  Now I'm fat and alone.  Now I am fairly certain that I will be single for the rest of my life.  It's ok.  It's fine really.  I have kids and things I want to do.  Places to go.  But I do long to know what it would be like to really be cherished by a man shown through his words and more importantly deeds.  Sadly I am resigned that it is not to be for me.  For those people who are married and especially married to the father of thier children realize what a gift it is.  Cherish those you love and make sure they know it.

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