Cherry and Ginger Brandy Jam

I like pairing jams with different brie appetizers or with cream cheese and hot peppers ... peanut butter can't have all the fun! Last year, I made a bourbon peach jam and i loved the flavors. The kids still got to enjoy the peach jam on occasion, but most of it I kept for appetizers.

We are offered different fruits through our CSA. They get them from another farm in Michigan and we can then purchase them for an additional cost. We pick them up with our weekly CSA. Could it be any more convenient?! This year, I am taking full advantage of all the fruit that they offer. Cherries last week, blueberries this week, I'm sure we'll get peaches again and we'll see what else they have for us!

Cherry Ginger Brandy Jam

I was going back and forth with what type of jam to make with all these cherries. I figured I would split the fun and make one for me and one for the kids. The kids get to enjoy Cherry Rhubarb Mint Jam and I get Cherry Brandy Jam. I was about to pour the Korbel in the mix when I saw the ginger brandy in the cupboard. I quickly changed gears and grabbed the ginger brandy and a little minced ginger out of the fridge. I'm so glad I did, the slight ginger flavor paired with the cherries perfectly!

Remember, the alcohol in the brandy cooks off so it is still okay to serve this one to the kids too.

Cherry and Ginger Brandy Jam

Makes 4-5 8 oz jars

3 lbs sweet cherries
1 c sugar
1/2 c ginger brandy
1 T lemon juice
1/2 T minced ginger
2 t pectin powder

Pit your cherries and put them in a sauce pan with your sugar and ginger brandy. After 5 minutes Add in your lemon juice, ginger and pectin powder.

Let simmer for another 20 minutes. Using an immersion blender, mix the jam so that it is smooth.

Pour into clean and sterile jars. Wipe rims and add clean lids and rings. They will seal within 30 minutes. Because the jam is super hot, the heat will seal the jars so I don't process them. If you don't feel comfortable with this, feel free to process them in a hot water bath for 15 minutes.

Cherry Ginger Brandy Jam

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