Cherry Picking the Sex and Relationships BlogHer Blogs - A Top 10 Edition

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Going through the last month of post in the BlogHer Sex & Relationships blogs, I found ten that I really liked. I simply can't choose, and I don't have a theme, so I'm going to try to pair them together.

Let's start sexy! I'll call the first pair of posts "OUT & IN."

Raerity lets it flow By the Law of Attraction:

How we experience whatever it is that we have attracted into our lives is solely dependent on ourselves: once we've ordered the soup of the day, it's up to us to enjoy it, or not. The Law does not guarantee ever-lasting love, not even promise anything more than what we actively wish for. I learnt it the fun way.

If Raerity is letting new energy in, humanbeing is releasing some old energy out. She's 3159 emails lighter:

I’m usually not an accumulator. I’m that person who purges her
closets twice a year, who has just one box of sentimental objects, and
it’s only half-full. I go through my personal inbox a couple of times a
month and file stuff I think I’ll need later in folders. So it seems
odd to me that it has been four years since I hit the delete button on
my sent box.

When's the last time you went through your sent folder? I just had this experience myself while clearly my web mail, and it was a little creepy! After a couple, I just closed my eyes and hit delete without looking at anymore. Out with the old!


Second pair: "DOLLS & LOLLIPOPS."

Kerry On's brother John is Making a List and Checking it Twice, but does he want a Real Live Girl?

Eight-year-olds all over America swoon over the American Girl Doll. The marketing magic behind this creation is nothing short of brilliant. The magic?
For a mere $100.00 a little girl is able to create the exact doll she dreams of - she can select the exact hair color, the eye color, and the complexion - to match her own skin tone...

Hours later there I was at my brother's, reviewing his DREAM GIRL list - ironically, he, too, was looking for an American doll...

Meanwhile, Margot Mifflin from On The Issues Magazine has a real live daughter who likes to sing the lollipop song. She blogs about Teaching Daughters About Lollipop Politics:

How did it happen? One day I was a twentysomething heaping scorn on Tipper Gore and her campaign against explicit lyrics in pop music, and the next, 20 years later, I am Tipper Gore, driving my 12 year old home from school, listening to Lil Wayne singing “Lick it like a lollipop,” watching my daughter mouth the words “Let me get it juicy for you,” and wondering how it came to this on commercial radio.

What's particularly interesting about this post (and this song, incidentally) is that they have to do with oral sex. Not your average everyday sex talk.


Third pair: "SEXY MIDLIFE."

Hilarious post from Jane Becker, How To Have Great Sex:

I bought this month’s issue of a woman’s magazine without my glasses and it wasn’t until I got home that I saw the headline, “Great Sex Over 40!!!”

I promptly hid it under a pile of books so the Snapper wouldn’t see it—not because I’m a prude but because teenage boys are incredibly grossed out at the idea of women our age having sex. One time when George was kissing me in a promising way the Snapper snorted, “you guys are too old to be having sex!”


Meanwhile, XXandra offers Ask a cougar: Why do Younger Men Like Older Women?

I got an email from an anonymous cougar who wonders why younger men like older women. She’s had a relationship with a young man and described it as torture, always worried if he’s comparing you to younger women.

Well, I got news for you. He’s already compared you with girls his age. They came up silly, slutty, and boring. You came up intriguing, sexy, and exciting. He went with you. That’s not my opinion. I interviewed my cub, Michael, because, I too have often wondered about this.

OK, I'll be honest. I'm not a fan of "cougar" and "cub" terminology. But the interview *is* amusing.



Amy V sings I heard a rumor-ooh ooh- I heard a rumor...

If there is one thing I am passionate about – it is helping people become more aware of the power of their words and the absolute stupidity that comes with believing you actually know the truth about a person or a story if you are not that person!

She's got some good tales to tell about truths and misperceptions and how easy it is to slip between them.

Croak also wishes people would stop talking smack - about pregnancy to her partner! On your mark...get set...

Every day, Tony gets a little more comfortable with the idea of being a father. But anyone who knows Tony, knows that this scares the shit out of him. I mean the man is literally constipated. But he assures me and reassures me that he is jumping in with both feet and that he is as ready as he’s ever going to be so “let’s do this thing”. I know he will be a great dad, and I just can’t wait for him to know it too. He continues to quiz EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. with whom he comes into contact on a daily basis, and just yesterday he told me the lovely story...

Croak is wonderfully dramatic, and I can't help but wish her and her honey the best.


Last pair of posts! I'm going to call it... SOCK HUNTING.

First, you've got to find those socks, and MaryanneLive offers How and where to meet (good) guys:

As matter of fact there are approximately 50 million single men in the United States- RIGHT NOW!!

So how do you meet these guys (since you've taken the time to invest
in yourself you, of course, want a guy who's done the same, and not
just any random guy in a bar!) So, here are some of my favorites:

She's got some fun suggestions, complete with opening lines for once you're there.

But what's this about socks, you say? Well, just ask Denee King who proclaims, The Secret to a Great Marriage? Great SOCKS! It's a sweet little shorty, so click on through for the sock secret.

Read or written a great sex & relationships post lately? Here or on your own pad, do feel free to link it up in the comments!


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