A Week with a Chevy Traverse: Part 1

There’s no better vehicle to bring the family together than the Chevy Traverse. Watch as these bloggers share their thoughts and excitement as they prepare to spend one week test driving the Chevy Traverse to see how this ultimate family vehicle fits their families' lifestyles.



Chevy Traverse

I'm genuinely interested to see what it's like to have that many seats in a car like the Chevy Traverse! It sounds impressive, but we've got 2 car seats, 2 double strollers, and a lot of stuff. You too? Then you know what I mean about space in a car! Space is massively important for a family....more

Anticipation, Chevy Traverse Style

After all, when we go back to school, we've got four backpacks, lunch boxes, sports bags, and instruments. And it's not like my kids play the flute - no, we've got a French horn, a baritone (euphonium) and a TUBA. There are not many cars that can handle a load like that - so I wanted to see what the Chevy Traverse could do with that. ...more

Our Week With Chevy Traverse - Heading Out

Mostly, we just looked forward to the simple thrill of driving a brand new car. We saw it as an opportunity for gratitude in the midst of an "adventure" that could have been a drag. We had planned all along to make the most of this necessary trip, but this really upped the ante....more

Out and About with Chevy Traverse

We have so many little adventures planned for our week of fun. We have to go school shopping for Bean so he is ready for kindergarten. We also want to head to the beach with friends and family for the first time, instead of just our own family of four. And I can't wait to show it off to my teacher friends when we go back for preplanning! ...more

A Week with a Chevy Traverse: Part 1

As you know, being a family of 6 means we have stuff - and lots of it. Especially when we travel. Four large car seats, a stroller, potty seat, back packs, coolers, etc. We planned on doing a few big day trips while we had the Traverse to see how we liked the seating, the comfort, the cargo space, the overall safety, and just how it made our day-to-day life easier....more

3 Fun Ways to Keep Kids Happy While Driving

There are so many different types of car games. I'm sure you remember a few from when you were a kid. We've been playing the "Packing Up and Bringing Along a... " game quite a bit recently. Since we are taking the Chevy Traverse to the beach I'm planning to try out a new version....more

Test Driving the Chevy Traverse

We spend a lot of time in our car. We run errands in it, we sing and have dance parties in it, we fill it up with kids and go off on adventures in it. We need a car we can load up! I like to do home and DIY projects and a lot of times I run out of space in our current car....more

Traversing with Twins

I'm so very excited that Chevrolet loaned me a new 2015 Chevy Traverse 2LT for a full week! It just arrived and I've been going over all its features and amenities and I'm thrilled that, by the sound of things, it has more of what we need at this stage in our lives!...more

We're Trying Out the Chevy Traverse!

I love all of these features not only for road trips, but also for the day-to-day grind of school, soccer, work, and family activities around town. ...more

Making Our Own Adventure

The kids are also looking forward to testing out the available rear-seat entertainment system! I love that we will have plenty of space in a rich and refined interior to make the trip so much more enjoyable. Isn't it amazing what a little extra elbow room can do to make road trips more pleasant?...more