Family Togetherness with Chevrolet Traverse

There’s no better vehicle to bring the family together than the Chevy Traverse. It’s the ultimate family vehicle, and the inspiration behind the tales that these bloggers are sharing about those special moments spent with their families. Check out the posts to see just how different, and, in many ways, the same, family time is nowadays as compared to when the bloggers were younger.

Family road trip togetherness and Chevy Traverse...

When we were kids, even though my parents didn't have a ton of money, they always found a way to make sure we had some kind of vacation or trip. We were so excited to pile in the car as kids and see something new with some family road trip togetherness, especially when we were going to a new state....more

Life is About the Journey -- Road Trips Then and Now.

Our car trip to Utah was a memorable one this summer. Drew was going to drive us up, and then fly back down. He ended up having a job interview the morning we had hoped to leave early on. That put us a few hours behind schedule...more

The then and now of family vacations

Ahh, those were the days! Today, I am sharing some childhood memories of road trips, camping, and cramming in my Uncle Bob and Aunt Skip's van wagon back in the late 70's....more

Everyday Moments Make for the Best Memories

My first childhood memory is from when I was five; my family and I did a road trip to Florida to visit my mom’s brother and see Disney World. Though at the time my mind was likely blown by the amusement park, my memory is of riding in the back of our station wagon, watching the strange tropical trees fly by, hanging my new little beaded change purse out the window, hearing the fringe brush against the car door. ...more

Family memories, then and now

I was cleaning out a rarely used cabinet in our office and I found a shoebox full of old photos from my childhood. I hadn't looked through this box in years and wanted to pull out a few to share with the girls. It made me chuckle to see myself at their ages, it made them giggle even harder. We had such fun looking at my limited little stash of childhood memories....more

Family Memories - Then and Now

Summer vacations provide opportunity for some of the BEST family memories. I have such vivid memories of my family vacations when I was a child. ...more

Why You Should Make Family Travel a Priority

In the last several years, we've tried to make family travel a priority in our budget. After many years of road trips consisting only of visiting relatives, we realized that trips and vacations add so much to our family experience. Not only that, but it amazed us how much natural learning took place just by venturing out on trips....more

Family Game Night Basket: Making Time For Family Togetherness

We love family game nights. We love playing games as a family any time day or night. Playing games as a family is one of our favorite ways to spend time together. ...more

Family Togetherness: Finding Inspiration from Yesterday

Thinking back to my childhood, my parents made parenting seem so easy. Family togetherness was a priority for them, but I'm pretty sure that they never read a blog post, book or article for inspiration and ideas (ahem--like somebody I know). We just spent time together as a family. ...more

The Blessing Of Blackberry Bushes

I grew up spending the summers in rural Tennessee. My great-grandparents' house sat across from the cotton fields and just down the road from the lake. The town they lived in was so small that it was home to just one of everything, one grocery store, one gas station and one single traffic light....more