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Like the "Geek Bar", these very individualized, "Chic Bar" mini-sessions would consist of a panel of experts who can help bloggers reinforce their brand visually by putting their best face forward, both in social media "avatars" and when meeting their public, pitching their site to potential investors, etc. I envision the panel having a hairdresser, a makeup expert, a general image consultant (that would be me!), optomotrist (to recommend best glasses shape), manicurist, etc. It's a very practical and much needed service, especially as blogging becomes more "visual" and as competition increases for face time in every sense of the word.

As a fashion and beauty blogger and an image consultant, I have a *passionate* interest in helping women discover, enhance and embrace their individual beauty and would LOVE to do a hands-on mini-makeover for attendees.  Seriously, did you SEE the mob scene in the one hotel room where they gave away a makeover? Chaos! As far as I could tell, there were a LOT of  attendees who flocked to any and all "style and beauty" moments at BlogHer 12, and I think many "geeky" types would love a friendly, fun "What Not to Wear" session, especially if it was interactive and not just a general lecture.

More than once, I was approached just because I was wearing a more "pulled together" outfit and asked about whether I could act as a "personal stylist"--and my picture was snapped by several women as inspiration for their own "biz cas" look.

Well, under the well-loved idea of "teach a person to fish" concept, why not teach the basics of a professional/artistic appearance that would impart confidence in one's capability and professionalism, as more bloggers are going after marketing money or investors?

Here's my blog: so you can see what I'm all makeovers are inspired by Hollywood's Golden Age, and help every woman feel like she's the star of her own wonderful life.

I hope you'll consider adding a "Chic Bar" to Blog Her '13. I first proposed this idea in August, but there was no process in place to consider it, so here it is again. Several program types encouraged me to send this your way, including Gina Garrubbo from Hearst Publications, and Lisen Stromberg from your legal council panel.

Fingers crossed,
Kay Noske