Chicago's "Green" Spending During An Uncertain Economy

As a nurse I've learned over the years how one must 'improvise' when the availability of a much needed supply item is gone missing or when it just didn't make the cut in the world of workplace budgeting. Going back even farther, I remember how my mom used to stretch a simple meal to feed the empty stomachs of a large household. And think, Jesus on the Mount as he feed the multitude with a couple of fish & a few loaves of bread...

Thses are desperate times and times like these calls for frugal measures in order to ride out the storm of an uncertain economy. At last count, unemployment had risen over 9%, causing many people to fall into poverty levels in Illinois alone. With increased gas prices, foods & utilities and the ever decreasing in property and insurance values.we're according to a recent news report, just buying to survive.

This means that people have had to make life changing decisions when faced with the loss of jobs and homes. Folks have separated from their spouses and taken jobs in another state  in order to supplement their families income. The living apart in order to survive is just one way people are greening their incomes. 

Another, less stressful route women in Illinois are taking to help keep their finances in perspective when it comes to their personal contributions without spending a dime? Taking on supplemental and creative ways to earn extra cash for their families by becoming entrepreneurs in hosting Gold parties, selling Avon products, going into freelance writing & using their skills to start their own businesses.

Others have bought into the fashion swap party where they gather to exchange slightly used clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry by mimimal bids from women who need to update their wardrobes. Creative bartering are being put into practice by households in grocery stores, shopping malls and green food banks where fresh fruits, vegatables and dairy products can be purchased collectively for less than $15.00...

It takes a bit of ingenuity to ride out the waves of an uncertain economy, but, folks in the Windy City will find ways to improvise and continue to fight the good fight of survival...

(portions of this post reprinted from previous article)


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