Chicken a la Crockpot

Chicken a la Crockpot

Chicken a la Crockpot

Sometimes you find yourself with a small budget and an even smaller amount of time to spend in the kitchen cooking dinner. For those times, I highly recommend you become comfortable with your crock pot. The luxury of being able to throw a bunch of ingredients in your crock pot and head off to work, school, church, etc and come home to a meal can not be overstated. If you follow me on Pinterest (and you should!) you’ve seen that I’ve pinned some great Crock Pot recipes*. Well, the one I’m about to share right now is so easy that I wouldn’t “waste” a Pin on it.

Whole Chicken a la Crock Pot

1 3-4 pound chicken

1 lemon

1 bunch fresh rosemary

salt and pepper to taste

Your directions are simple. After washing and patting your chicken dry, season it with salt and pepper. Stick half the lemon in the cavity of the chicken. Put the chicken in the crock pot – cover with rosemary. Turn the crockpot to low. Enjoy your day. 8 hours later serve with your choice of sides. The chicken literally falls off the bone. It is so delicious and so flavorful and so easy. The cost? I spent $4.95 on my chicken, and a couple bucks on the rosemary. I already had salt, pepper and lemons at home. Once you make this, you will wonder why you weren’t doing this before.

Chicken a la crock pot, plated.

Chicken a la crock pot, plated.

* Including the best pot roast recipe I’ve ever eaten. Seriously. AND including healthy spinach dip made in the crock pot. Check it.


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