Chicken Noodle Meatloaf

Every Sunday afternoon my Dad made us two bowls of chicken noodle soup + a tall stack of saltines for the weekly afternoon golf show on CBC.

We’d sit on the chesterfield; my feet barely hanging over the sides, with my soup on my lap and my crackers laid out on the cushion beside me.

Dad would stack his saltines in the palm of his right hand, close his left hand over-top, then squeeze his palms together gently. The crackers would magically fall from his hands into the soup in perfectly sized crumbs.

He helped me crumble my crackers until my palms were big enough to fit around a saltine, then he taught me the trick.

We continued with our chicken soup ritual for many years following.

Although we live further from each other, I’m sure he’ll be on that same couch this afternoon enjoying his saltines and soup. I would be doing the same if we hadn’t mysteriously ran out of chicken breasts.

This Sunday, this chicken noodle soup girl had to get a bit creative.

Have a fabulous Sunday :)


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