Chicken, Parking and a 3 Story Drop Off

Repost from 3/10

We live on the third floor of a walk-up in the city. If I leave my condo, I can walk exactly 3/10ths of a mile to get to the closest bar. We are within walking distance to approximately 40 bars and restaurants, numerous dry cleaners, drugstores, music venues, coffeehouses and grocery stores. This is why we chose to live in our neighborhood, we can walk everywhere – if we want to. That, and the Cubs.

My point? Today I find myself one ingredient short for the recipe I am making for dinner. No big deal, right? Normally, I would hop in my car, go to the market and come home with said ingredient. Not today. It’s cold – and snowy and I don’t want to walk.

You see, my life in the city has been altered for about, oh...the last 2 months. We (not exactly "we," but workers we hired) are rebuilding our back decks.

Unit by unit, our decks have been torn apart, ripped off and thrown to the ground. The unraveling of the decks has completely disrupted our neighbor cohesiveness. I can no longer walk a mere 16 ft. to my neighbors and ask for a cup of sugar - or wine.

Now, when I open my back door - instead of a grill and wrought iron table set greeting me, I get a 3 story drop to my death, but, I digress. The workers have ever so nicely placed a 2x4 over my storm door to prevent me from exiting. Kudos to them for thinking ahead and sparing my husband the decision of a wood or metal casket! Metal.

Typical for Chicago, our parking spot (if you are lucky enough to have one) is located off the alley, behind our condo. All of the deck building supplies are now located in our parking spots. That being said - I have to park on the street, in the snow. Easier said than done, I tell ya. Chicago has this unspoken rule that if you dig out a parking spot, you can put a plastic chair or lawn chair or whatever is lying around in the space to “hold the space” while you are gone. People actually honor this practice. True story - see photo. I won’t do this because, well, it’s stupid.

So - back to my point. If I drive to the store, I lose my rock star parking spot I scored 4 days ago. If I walk to the store, I freeze and might get unintentional exercise. I'm really starting to contemplate if chicken is really necessary for Chicken Parmesan.


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