Chicken Soup for the Sicko!

Looks like this weekend is going to be a bit of a bust. H is down and out with a nasty cold (he didn't even go to work today, which is almost unheard of for him). Peanut has had the
sniffles for a couple of days now, but she's not acting sick at all,
and there's a diaper rash as well, so I'm guessing that's just teeth.
She certainly has a great deal of energy! We didn't go to the French
class today, just in case.

hoping this one passes me by... but just to be safe, I'm loading up on
the chicken soup. I had some left over from the last time we got sick
(that I had put in the freezer in individual portions), but we drank it
all, so it looks like it's time for round two. Since it works so well
(and my dad swears
there's science behind it), I'll post my recipe for the best chicken soup around. It was originally my grandmother's recipe, but it has been modified over the last few years and I have now made it my own.

To see the recipe and the rest of my post, please visit Michelle's Blog (I'm too lazy to reformat the pics).


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