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I think the only reason my family keeps me around is I'm the only one who stock the bathrooms with toilet paper. Yes I know this is an old cliched complaint and much funnier women have tackled it; but when both bathrooms were barren this morning, I had the worst urge to hide all of the TP, start laughing manically and scream....SUCKERS! IT'S ALL MINE NOW!!!!! I fantasize about becoming the TP police and MAKE THEM BEG for forgiveness and a small patch of the white stuff. I want them to become enlightened and just TELL ME when the toilet paper is close to the end; they don't have to actually go to my son's closet (we live in 1828 colonial so closets are scarce and tiny) and get some.

Truthfully, I'm resigned to my role as the queen of rolls but I wish, just once, as a gift to me; it could be for Christmas, Birthday any holiday would suffice, someone else would be Queen for a Day.


PS Do you think I could train the puppy to fetch a roll?

Sleeping Puppy



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