Child has a friend - NO.

In order to access respite care we have to go through Social Services. That means visits and assessments and lots of intrusive questions. The sort of questions they ask parents who are suspected of not being all the could be in the parent department.

It also means forms. Forms set up to investigate those awful cases, the ones we read about or see on the news. The excuse for using the same form, "it's the same form."  Umm, yeah? So compile ANOTHER form. A more appropriate form. A form that doesn't make parents of disabled children feel under suspicion.

This form looks at the child at home, at school and at the respite provision. Fair enough. After all, the respite is based not just on disability but on challenge. The challenge of looking after a child who needs 24 hour care, who has to have someone with her through the night not just through the day. I can accept that. I can't just stroll up and say, "hey, my child's a handful, have her for me every fortnight so I can go out and enjoy myself." Read more ...

Originally posted in A Life Not Quite Perplexed. 1st March, 2011. © Penbleth / LMcG-E.  All rights reserved.

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