a child shall lead them...

A new routine has begun in our home.

It all started when a friend of ours sent her usual Christmas gift to our kids...books. {Happy dancing all around!} One of those books was a devotional, Jesus Calling, for kids. The irony being...it's the exact same devotional I started reading this year. {Well, the 'adult' version, that is.}

So a few days ago, G-man started reading that day's devotional to all of us and we discussed briefly what it meant. {Briefly being the key-word here.} And I thought it was really cool because when our kids described how they saw the idea, it made me see it through their child-like thinking.

Simple and clear. {Probably just how God meant for it to sound.}

Soooo...imagine my surprise when he agreed to my suggestion of videoing him reading a devotional and posting it on my blog. {He tends to be shy.} Although when I asked him if I could also video his thoughts on the devotional, he said...'Ummm, no'. {Oh, well. A mom can only hope.}

Which is such a bummer because he said he felt the reading was about us grabbing {insert attack motion} our thoughts, and then {with his hands up-raised} handing them to God for Him to keep.

"...and a little child will lead them." {Isaiah 11:6}

I'm starting to agree.


{Vlog courtesy of our oldest son's ipod.} Yeah, we grabbed it while he was in the other room. Don't think he'll find out though 'cause I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog. {Apparently I'm not that cool. ;) }




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