Childhood brain injury linked to crime in young people

Nobody's saying that one hard sack on the football field is going to lead your son to hold up a 7-Eleven after practice.

But a new report is saying there's a link between childhood brain injuries and crime later in adolescence. Just as we now know there's a link between TBI and PTSD, researchers are now finding evidence that a traumatic brain injury can cause developing brains to disrupt the development of impulse control, self-restraint and social judgement.

The brain injuries can be from a number of things, like sports injuries, falls, car accidents or fights. 

And because the young brain is still developing, there's a greater risk of an injury affecting attention, concentration and mood/behavior management.

*Recent studies from the UK show that as many as 60 percent of prisoners had a traumatic brain injury! 

Here's the study:

So what should you do if you suspect your child/teen has a TBI? Take them to a brain training facility (a.k.a. cognitive skills training center) for a cognitive skills assessment.


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